is the perfect I.T worker. Literally bred to do the job, he is not only highly knowledgeable in the field, but also possesses superior strength, a bulletproof exoskeleton, razor sharp claws, and a perpetual hatred for people. Unfortunately (fortunately if you ask some people), Ted needs daily fixes of nicotine and booze to survive.

is Ted's partner in crime. Together they scheme up ways to slack off at work and usually cause more damage than good. Since he both works part time for his college's I.T department and is a full time student, Rich's life contains double the adventures for the two halves of his life.

is the kind of guy who makes sure you never know what you're going to get. More driven by the desire to drink and party, Zach is the excitement seeker of the group, but still a geek at heart. He also works at the near by “Sheets N' Stuff”, a local retail store run by insanely hot girls.

is the next level of geek among his peers. More angry than surly, Ben gets very frustrated with people who can't understand simple things such as running a Linux environment on a workstation or compiling a kernel. Still, Ben acts as the cold voice of logic in most situations.

is the newest addition to the I.T. crew. Hired to help with the department's poor inventory tracking system, she is slowly learning about the peculiar environment that is an I.T. office, as well as the certain mentality it takes to work in one. Even though she is very courteous and polite, a surly essence dwells within her.

the snowman was made in front of Rich, Ben, and Zach's house after one heavy snowfall. With a mystical beer can for a heart, and a body made out of old snow, Creepy acts as the guard dog for the house. Mainly keeping annoying little kids off the lawn, he also enjoys cheating on his taxes, and occasionally a nice hot cup of coffee.